Fantastic Plastic calls home our 3600 square foot facility in downtown Huntsville's historic depot district. Our building at 500 Cleveland Avenue houses our offices, studios, and editing suites... as well as one of the tackiest collections of retro furnishings this side of your Aunt Marge's house.
"Edit A" is our all-digital HD "editing theatre," great for any film or video projects whether they're destined for the small screen or the silver screen. It features a powerful Matrox MX02 uncompressed high definition editing system to crunch your video in lightning-fast real time... using a host of editing, compositing, sound, and graphics systems including Adobe CS6 with Premiere, After Effects,
Photoshop, Encore, Soundbooth, VocAlign, and Crystal Imact. This suite masters projects to HD, BetacamSP, UmaticSP, plus Blu-ray and DVD for client copies, and pure digital clones in HD, DVcam and MiniDV formats. Plenty of Lava Lamps, funky artwork, and a giant plasma screen monitor make this a great place to work.

We might even make popcorn for you.

"Edit B" is our even larger fully-equipped all-digital HD suite, tucked away on the second floor of the Fantastic Plastic Building. This suite's powerful Matrox MX02 non-linear editing system is identical to Edit A to make transferring projects seamless, and has all the same editing, and graphics systems, plus some extras for flawless compositing and keying. Like its sister suite, Edit B can master projects to all our professional formats

  and is networked with the other suites and the studio. Complete with a comfy vintage sofa and giant plasma monitor for clients — plus a psychedelic projector to keep productions at maximum funkiness.

"Edit C" is our smallest all-digital suite, and is usually used for projects that do not require client babysitting.  We think of it as "cozy," although it is referred to by at least one staff member as the "slave quarters."  Size not withstanding, it is fully equipped with Canopus Storm2 and Matrox AXIO LE systems for digital non-linear editing and compositing — and is also home to our Mac-based graphics production. This suite has a very cool rug.
At Fantastic Plastic we specialize in shooting on location, but when your project calls for in-studio work our 500 square foot soundstage features a white epoxy floor, two-sided black cyclorama, 20-foot greenscreen, and lighting grid. Most of our location toys such as our cameras, crane, and lighting packages visit here too, but our McAlister crab dolly pretty much lives here permanently (this bad boy is really heavy).
Our small sound booth is in the studio too, equipped with an Audio Technica voice-over mic to give your narrator truly golden tones

Need craft services for your studio shoot? Just tell us in advance and we'll gladly bring in three bananas and a six pack of Dr Pepper.

To learn more about the gismos and gadgets used on location as well as in-house,
be sure to visit the Toys page.