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Todd Terry
Creative Director

     Todd personally directs all of the projects that we do at Fantastic Plastic, and edits quite a few of them as well.  He started making 8mm films in high school, and now has almost three decades of professional experience.  
     Yes, he has a film degree (anyone need to wrap some fish?), but really learned the craft of directing by watching other motion picture and network series directors work during his former actor-wannabe days.
     Todd is a member of SAG/AFTRA and the Steadicam Operator's Association, has earned five TVAF "Best of Show" ADDYs as Director and Cinematographer of the year, is the inventor of the FauxFilm film simulation process, and developed our e35mm electronic cinematography system.
     Todd has almost 200 Hawaiian shirts but only wears the same six, over and over and over...

Phil Schmidt
General Manager

     Phil keeps the gears grinding at Fantastic Plastic.
     In addition to pushing paper, he meets with clients and agencies and other folks and keeps the staff locked in the dark edit suites. He has a great deal of experience in broadcast television, both in the technical end and as an on-air news correspondent (once appearing on the evening news dressed as an Amish farmer for no apparent reason). We snagged Phil after many years as Sales Manager for a huge multi-million dollar corporation, when he needed a jolt of creativity.
     He's the guy to call if you want to book a project, check availability, or just brainstorm.
     A master craftsman, Phil has been laboring over the same woodworking project since the Reagan administration.

Kim Brown
Art Director

     Kim is responsible for much of the graphic and visual design that you will see in our productions.  She has more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, and has worked in many types of media, from television to magazines to outdoor.
     Kim has numerous ADDYs to her credit, including TVAF "Best of Show" honors as both Art Director of the Year, and Illustrator of the Year.
     If you need print work in addition to your television production at Fantastic Plastic, Kim's own company BBD Graphics can seamlessly integrate magazine or newspaper advertising with your TV campaign.
     Kim is, hands down, the best Dog Mom ever. She knows how to raise a puppy right.

Joey Skelton
Senior Editor

     Joey edits most of our projects, and is our resident expert in After Effects and other high-end editing and compositing systems.
     He came to Fantastic Plastic after a long stint as a freelance editor, highly in demand at a number of post-production facilities cutting projects ranging from commercials to government films to music videos.
     We usually keep Joey locked away in an upstairs edit suite, but he is also seen on location shoots as a valuable part of our film crew.
     A facial-hair chameleon, Joey sports an ever-changing beard.

Larry Tate
Advertising Genius

     Mentor, father-figure, role model.
     Need we say more?