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Never heard of a Shipman sailboat?  You're not alone, not many people are familiar with them because there are very very few of them in the United States.  The Shipmans were designed in Sweden (and built in Sweden and Ireland), created by the famed Swedish racing yacht designer Olle Enderlei.  They are considered very sleek boats with beautiful designs.

This particular boat, a 29.5-foot 1973 Shipman28, was rescued by a friend and myself... having sustained some hurricane damage on the Gulf coast.  I bought the boat about 10 years ago and we had her transported to Lake Guntersville where work began to get her back into sailing shape.  It was still a good solid boat, but the front chainplate had been ripped right out of the bow by the storm, and there was various hardware and rigging missing.  The chainplate was re-anchored into the fiberglass (probably better than before), and all the missing rigging and hardware was replaced.  We sailed fairly regularly for a while, but after some years my friend moved on to other interests and other boats.  Unfortunately I really don't have the time or energy to keep the boat maintained or do a restoration (or sail), so I have decided to sell.  She is presently docked at Browns Creek Sailing Marina on Lake Guntersville.

In brief, the main features of the boat are a 29.5' fiberglass hull, a fixed keel with about a 5' draft, berths to sleep 6, a marine head, and a 17HP Faryman diesel engine with hydraulic drive.  The hydraulic drive is a really neat feature, and was considered a premium and not seen on all of the Shipmans.  With this, there is no driveshaft from the engine through the hull... rather, the engine is connected to a hydraulic pump, which connects by hoses to the drivebox at the stern which drives the prop.  Pretty cool.   Sails include a jib and a fully-battened mainsail (which is the one presently rigged), as well as a conventional (non-battened) mainsail which I have never used.

I'd rate the condition of the boat as "fair, with a lot of potential."  Someone once said "She just needs a woman's touch."  I'd say, yeah, if she were a really big woman.  The old girl needs a lot of attention. Firstly,  she is nasty nasty nasty... inside and out.  A good all-over pressure washing would be a good start.  Lately the boat has developed an unknown condition that is causing it to take on a bit of water especially after heavy rains or storms.  I suspect that one of the several topside or cockpit drains has developed a crack or leak in the hose which is causing some of the water that collects up on deck to drain into the bilge rather than out into the lake.  That might be the problem, or it might be something else... I have not had time to investigate the issue.  The result is that the bilge has to be pumped out semi-regularly, especially if there has been a lot of heavy rain in, say, the previous couple of weeks. Before I discovered this issue, a couple of times the boat took on quite a bit of water (a fair bit above the interior cabin floor), and that really helped to "nasty things up."  The indoor/outdoor carpeting that you'll see in the pictures is no longer there, it was impossible to clean the dirty/oily water out of it so we just removed it.  The engine?  I couldn't say it's present condition.  During one of these episodes the water inside did get a fair bit above the bottom of the engine.  Whether that affected it, I couldn't say.  I have not attempted to crank the engine, so we're considering it "As Is."  The engine always purred like a kitten before, but whether the water has adversely affected it, I can't say.  The boat is being offered "as is," with all major known defects disclosed.

This boat has a lot of potential.  It wouldn't take more than a good bit of elbow grease and and perhaps some tinkering (depending on the state of the engine) to turn her into a perfectly good day-sailing vessel.  Aside from someone probably wanting to replace some of the worn lines and sheets, all of the major (and expensive) rigging is intact.  Inside, to get it into really decent shape it'd need things like new upholstery, woodwork refinishing, and some electrical work.  I'd say with a fair little bit of work, it could be turned into easily a $10,000+ boat.   If someone had the time and inclination to do a real heavy-duty top-notch first-rate restoration, it could potentially be quite valuable.  It's hard to find an American value on them since there are only a handful of Shipmans in the U.S., but these boats in first-class condition easily fetch $30,000+ in Europe.  

Again, in the interest of full disclosure, please understand that the present condition is quite rough.  The photos are a couple of years old, and the boat is much dirtier now both inside and out.  Still, a lot of potential though.

I'm happy to disclose financials... a decade ago I paid $6,000 for the boat, and another couple of thousand went into immediate repairs.  I'm offering it for $3,500 SOLD simply because I don't have the time to give it the attention it needs, nor time to go sailing these days.  The boat needs a good home, rather than me just keeping it and letting it continue to decline.

You'll find a lot of good info about Shipmans (although only some of it is in English) at this website, and a good page (in English) here as well.

I'm happy to answer any questions.  I'd also be happy to show the boat at most any time, but I would really like to limit showings to those who would be seriously interested in her.  Considering that I live more than an hour from where she is docked, showing the boat even briefly is quite a time and driving commitment... but I'm happy to do that for any potential buyer who is genuinely interested.

Please call 256 658-9854 during any reasonable day or evening hours,
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The photos below are not of my boat, but of other Shipman28s.  They should give you an idea of the boat's potential.