But where are the Green Eggs and Ham?
This spot is proof that when creating a television commercial, the only really hard part is coming up with the idea.

In this case, we didn't have to.

This is a little different, where we took our client's "Hey, how about doing..." and ran with it.

Here's our take on a Dr. Seuss-like spot, advertising used cars for the Jerry Damson Automotive Group.

We're pretty happy that we were able to turn this around from concept to delivery in about three or four days.

First, Honda ad guru Ben Boles (who we think pretty darn highly of), floated the Seuss idea as something his Big Boss wanted to try. At that point it was pretty much just "One car, two car," and not much more. We jumped on it and creative director Todd Terry wrote the script, and made arrangements with the artist to create all the illustrations. Before the drawings were even started, we began creating the book animation just with blank pages.

While the artist was at work, we hit up voice actor Tom Clifford (who can impersonate darn near anyone) to see if he could do a voice reminiscent of the late great Sterling Holloway. Surely enough, he could. Then Todd spent a day coloring the drawings like a madman, and it all went together in editing.

Fairly frantic days, extremely happy client. That's a good combo.