Lawyers here, there... and everywhere
The Lackeys may seem like smaller-town lawyers, but they sure get big-city results. So how do we separate them from the pack of all the other personal-injury attorneys on TV?

They do have a couple of differences that we chose to highlight in this campaign. Firstly, they are happy to go see their clients, wherever they might be. But more importantly, the Lackey Law Firm really is the Lackey Law Family, a father, son, and daughter who all work together every day for their clients. Pretty unusual.

This was a fairly simple shoot, with one or two showbiz tricks. Shooting in real facilities like hospitals can certainly be done (we do that all the time), but it can be time consuming and quite expensive. To stick within time and budget constraints we created nursing home and hospital sets using careful angles and just a few props. No one should know that the hospital bed is really just a conference table with pillows. At least the flowers and IV drip were real.

Todd Terry wrote and directed the campaign for the Lackeys' agency, RP Media, with Joey Skelton editing.

Hopefully no one will know that the hospital room curtain came from the director's shower (yes, it was clean).