Healthcare system puts a pin in it
Sometimes we like to take a client's idea and run with it, and see what we can shape and morph it into.

For this spot for the Huntsville Hospital Health Care System, they wanted to see a giant map showing all the various places their hospitals serve. Well, we then had the idea "Hey, how about showing giant pins on the map?"

Well, the hospital marketing gurus loved the pushpin idea, but then came the next question: where do we get giant pins?

We tried lots of things, everything from those inflatable fitness balls to painted fiberglass spheres and several other ideas... before finally landing on something that worked well.
Shoots like this are often a juggling act, especially with coordinating a dozen busy healthcare professionals and finding a good-weather day for the ground and aerial drone photography. Creative director Todd Terry built the big pins and directed the shoot, with Joey Skelton editing. Voice artist Satauna Howery (one of our favorite people) performed the narration.

Many thanks go to Sue Esslinger and Burr Ingram of Huntsville Hospital for making it all happen.

So what are the big pins? Well, that's our secret but we'll tell you what they are not... beach balls. We still have a big box of uninflated red beach balls sitting unused in our studio, if anyone wants them.