Short film jumps through time... again... and again
This job was a little bit of a departure for us. And we usually only post the projects that we create ourselves from beginning to end, but wanted to share this one.

Grant Jordan is a friend of ours at Fantastic Plastic. He is an amazing young screenwriter and he wanted to produce this for a one-minute-film competition.

He intended to do it all by himself, but since we know how hard it can be to wear so many different hats at once, our creative director Todd Terry took pity on poor Grant so he wouldn't have an aneurysm. Todd stepped in as cinematographer for the project and shot the film on location in one day.

Intrigue and a bit of dark-and-foreboding general weirdness are Grant's forte, and he didn't disappoint with this trippy story.

We'll warn you about a tiny bit of "mature language"...
Get it?

The film stars Coty Clarke and veteran character actor Jackson Pyle. Todd manned the camera, created the lighting design, and composited the one little special effect shot... but the writing, direction, and editing were all Grant Jordan.

We think he will go far.