Is new Honda the Greatest Of All Time?
This commercial for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association made for a very busy night. We had enough scenes and shot setups planned for a full day of shooting... maybe even two. Normally that'd fall into the "no problem!" category, except we needed to cram all of that into one four-hour evening shoot. Subtract from that the time spent waiting for the sun to go down, and that made for a pretty brisk pace.

Honda ad guru Ben Boles gave us two mandates: firstly, a spot with a young hip "Instagram-inspired" feel — and secondly, one that promotes the Civic as "The GOAT" (Greatest Of All Time).

We think this is the first time that a client said to us "We'll leave the concept and creativity up to you, as long as at some point someone bleats like a goat." Maybe the second.

Todd Terry directed the spot, with Joey Skelton editing. We brought in actors Luke, Priscilla, and Grace from Atlanta to join Tad from Madison to round out our cast. Our usual go-to hipster voice, Chicago's Jimmy Styx, was our narrator.

The production came right smack in the middle of a crazy-busy production schedule with a bunch of big projects going on, so we sadly didn't have the luxury of a lot of pre-production. In fact Todd concepted the shots and he and Phil went location scouting just a few hours before our actors arrived.

We're just glad our client Ben liked the spot. Actually, we think he's The GOAT.