Credit Union spot aims for twice the fun
Because commercial productions obviously have to happen a bit in advance, that means we're often doing crazy things like putting up holiday trimmings while the crew's all still in short sleeves. But we were happy to break out the Christmas decor early in this credit card spot for Redstone Federal Credit Union.
Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the spot, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. The commercial was shot in one day on location in a neighborhood home.

We were fortunate to bring in actors Lora Chatman and Mike Ibekwe as our reunion couple, with pint-sized thespians Titan and Judah rounding out the cast. Lora and Doug Tukel performed the narration.

Todd says you can always tell when one of our concepts comes from Phil's brain, because they all contain something difficult or complicated. Like, oh, say... finding baby actors. Or two babies. Or two identically-sized babies. Or two identically-sized ethnically-specific babies. Or...

Fortunately Phil is a resourceful producer and found them.

As usual, working with children did lead to an afternoon of crying — although only from the director. The babies behaved perfectly.