1967 to 2017... and beyond!
Fifty years is quite a while.

To help celebrate Huntsville International Airport's Golden Anniversary, we created this television commercial bringing the "olden days" and modern day together. The spot was produced for the airport's advertising agency, The McComm Group.

This commercial had a fair bit of video voodoo in it. Guided by a vintage photograph from 50 years ago, we built a miniature model of the airport's 1967 sign, which we shot and composited into footage with the '67 Pontiac's windshield and moving foliage. And because shooting actors in real moving vehicles can be so challenging, all of the in-the-car footage was shot on greenscreen for compositing back in post.

Todd Terry directed the spot based on McComm's concept, with Phil Schmidt producing and Joey Skelton editing. The cast included John Fleischmann, Allen Parker, Kate Schettler, Noah Hetrick, and Allegra Novikov. Voice actor Bob Olson performed the narration.

As much as we would have all liked to take it for a spin, only one of our actors got to actually drive the vintage GTO (a sweet ride!). That's a shame.