Credit Union is down on the farm
For this Redstone Federal campaign, we did a little bit of traveling to some of the spots where you might use your Redstone Federal Visa card.

The commercial was shot over three days at a neighboring county fair, a local farm, and an area football stadium.

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the spot, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

With the Buckley and Yancey broods, this was one of the rare cases where the families appearing in our commercials aren't just families on-screen, but in real life as well. Tom Perkins, Evie White, and Joe Mitchell rounded out the cast. Voice actor Alex Rain performed the narration.

The tailgating scene was shot on location very late in the day and that hamburger made our stomachs growl a bit, but we've all learned through the years not to be tempted by prop food... unfortunately, it's usually pretty inedible.