Credit Union runs through the fabric of our community
Redstone Federal often tasks us with creating the concepts behind their television campaigns — but they have great ideas of their own, too.

The credit union's ad guru Ken Jost liked the idea of a quilt representing different areas of our community, many pieces all coming together as one.

Out of that concept we created a simple image spot that shows how Redstone affects so many facets of life, all connected.

We searched for just the right quilt to feature in this commercial, with the Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild providing us dozens to choose from. We picked one, and strung it up on a prop clothesline (with the old-fashioned wooden pins) that we temporarily erected in a field for the commercial's opening and closing shots.

To create the "guts" of the spot that reveals the various slice-of-life scenes we shot a few days earlier, the individual squares were photographed in our studio. More than 100 of these close-up photos were then electronically stitched together to form a huge mega-high-resolution "digital quilt" in a single image.

This composited version was manipulated in post with virtual camera moves, specific squares transitioning to various scenes, and "digital breeze" added.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry wrote and directed the commercial. To find the perfect voice to tell the story, we auditioned 119 different actors. The role went to Cincinnati voice artist Greg Eschmeyer, who performed the narration.

After the commercial began airing, we were a bit surprised to receive requests from viewers who loved the quilt and actually wanted to buy it. We hate disappointing anyone, but we had already purchased it from the Quilt Guild for Redstone to display in one of their locations.