More cool stuff than you can shake an iPhone at
Honda's Ben Boles is a tough ad guy. A Civic commercial we produced for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association was barely cooled off fresh out of the oven (revisit it here) before Ben was cracking the whip for another one. Schnell!! Schnell!!

Actually it's not that he's tough — he's smart. The previous project was a big production with a sizable budget, but with only a small amount of additional shooting we were able to stretch the footage we had into a new and completely different spot. Bonus!

This one focused on all the new-fangled gadgetry that makes the Civic so cool.

While the earlier production was shot entirely on location, all the pickups for this spot were photographed on stage in our studio.

Remember the driving scenes in old Hollywood movies with the bad rear projection? We put a modern twist on that idea with a large plasma monitor. This gave us control over lighting and camera setups that would be difficult out in a moving car.

Another production trick placed a giant neon sign on a landmark downtown building.

To help tie the scenes together, we then added neon reflections to the car's windshield.

Todd Terry directed this commercial with Joey Skelton editing. We brought actor Mike Cortese back in from Nashville, along with Chicago's Jimmy Styx performing the narration.

We'd try to match Ben's enthusiasm, but that would put us all in the hospital.