Honda commercial has a cool feel and hip vibe
We will freely admit that producing car spots isn't always at the top of the "fun list," but this one for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association was a blast.

Honda ad guru Ben Boles wanted to create something young, hip and fun for the new Civic, so we concepted something with a cool vibe and a nighttime look.

Typically our commercials only take a day or two to shoot, but this one took five days. Well, not five solid days, but to get the right light we wanted to shoot at "magic hour" (the 45 minutes or so right before dusk) and into the evening. Since Alabama summers don't really get dark until 8pm or so, that only gave us a few hours each day.

We think we got some good images though of goings-on throughout the Tennessee Valley, in Huntsville, Decatur, and Florence.

We pulled out a couple of tricks in this spot. To augment real footage shot downtown, a few minimal props were used to create a street performance right in the Fantastic Plastic studio parking lot.

We designed and built a number of crazy rigs to attach cameras to vehicles to let us get the shots we needed.

And to save time, we turned one of our nighttime locations into a quickie greenscreen studio for the American flag scene.

Todd Terry directed this spot, with Joey Skelton editing. We brought in actors Mike Cortese and Hannah Jackson from Nashville as our "selfie couple," with Jimmy Styx performing the narration.

We can't say enough good things about Ben Boles. He really sets the bar high.