Huge enrollment jump follows university campaign
Alabama A&M University was a new client for us, and they hadn't done any television advertising at all in recent memory.

Our task was to promote the school as a full university, so we concepted a campaign centered around several students — each with a "school life" and working toward a "career life."

Having six very photogenic students to focus on really helped this production. They were all eager and performed well on camera.

We had to pull a out a few tricks in some of the scenes, like the tracking shot behind the bowling ball which was composited from multiple shots... including footage of a ball spinning literally on the record player our creative director's mother used when she was a teenager in the 1950s. Patti Page, anyone?

The ending shot of the statue of founder William Hooper Councill was also a bit of post work. All of the elements are real, but that exact spot does not exist on the school grounds... there's no one real place you can stand and see everything in exactly that position (not to mention ugly power lines at the real location). In the end, still photos were taken with a Canon 6D and composited and motion tracked to create the dolly move.

After this campaign aired the school's enrollment skyrocketed by 1200 students — the biggest increase ever in A&M's history.

These commercials were created for the university's agency, The Driscoll Group. David Driscoll was a real trooper, and rumor has it that once he even considered showing up on one of the shoot locations (that's probably just loose talk, though).