Blurted idea leads to six dozen commercials
Full disclosure — we pulled this concept out of thin air right at the last second, while at a client pitch meeting.

We originally developed a pretty ambitious idea, but it wasn't flying with Honda ad guru Ben Boles (it was a good concept, but bad timing). That left us fresh out of ideas, and trying to avoid one of those awkward "Ummmmm..." moments, creative director Todd Terry blurted out "Hey why don't we..."

Ben liked this multi-location split-screen concept with new Hondas crossing over from studio out into the real world, and of course we pretended that we had this gem on deck all along.

We had to do some serious weather-dodging on the shoot for several days, working around rain and unpredictable skies to haul numerous vehicles to seven different locations throughout the Tennessee Valley. In the end we created more than 70 different :30 and :04 television commercials.

We were glad to bring our "Honda spokesmodel" Tim Ross back in from North Carolina for a few days for the shoot. Most of Tim's work was in luxurious studio comfort, but we did have to drag him to all the various locations for the closing shots of each commercial.

Todd wrote and directed the campaign, with senior editor Joey Skelton completing all of the complex compositing.

And this quickie idea? Todd considers it a "Don Draper moment," but it's really more like Larry Tate. As for Honda's Ben Boles... well we fairly quickly confessed to him that this was a born-in-desperation concept. He was fine with that, maybe even slightly impressed. Told you, he's a swell guy.