Chronic Pain comes to life in new commercial
We like being kept on our toes when things get a little... well, odd.

We concepted and produced this TV commercial for Tennessee Valley Pain Consultants and Huntsville Hospital. Through the years we've cast actors in all kinds of roles — moms, dads, firemen, construction workers, waiters, and even a rodeo clown. But never before had we had to cast someone to play "Chronic Pain."

Creating the Pain costume was definitely a make-it-up-as-you go affair. Creative Director Todd Terry designed the creature (using the term "designed" in its loosest sense), but then came the painful "Hmmm how do we build it?" stage.

In the end, we found red foam rubber on eBay, a bean bag chair cover FedExed from Maine, a gigantic ball-shaped inflatable thing from Toys-R-Us, and red tights from a dance supply shop. Mix that with a few dozen hot glue sticks and you have yourself a costume.

Todd also directed the shoot on location, and editor Joey Skelton cut the project and completed post production in one of our high-definition suites.

We have to admit we neglected to put any eye holes in the costume — there just wasn't a good way to do it. So our 10-year-old actor was flying blind for a couple of hours after she was crammed into the suit. What a trooper.