All-white studio shoot for credit union
We love Redstone. The great folks there are definitely among our favorite clients, and always let us do fun projects.

For a campaign about their mortgage products, the credit union didn't want any big location shoots or fancy surroundings to take away from the message. Our mandate was a talking-head shoot in a "white studio." Since there are so many white-limbo-environment commercials running now we wanted to jazz it up some to give a bit of a different look, so we created a simple set that still retained the all-white theme.

Behind the scenes on our stage, it didn't look like much — almost everything created quick-n-easy out of sheets and sheets of white foamcore with a few extra white props.

We really appreciate our great actors on this campaign, Shannon Mayers and Jim Cunningham, who we brought in from Atlanta for this one-day shoot.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the campaign, with Joey Skelton editing.

Anyone need some extra foamcore?