Big batch of spots for Damson automotive group
It's nice when people want something different.

Seems like these days a lot of automotive advertising is the same, but we were recently tapped by Jerry Damson's North Alabama Honda Dealers Association to try something that stands out just a bit from the usual "local car dealer spots." Our client knew they did not want the usual "screamer" car commercials ("Sunday! Sunday Sunday!...") and they didn't want to hawk any pricing or special deals. Instead, they wanted something that showed the mood and flavor of the new Hondas.

We usually like to take at least a day to shoot a thirty-second commercial... or two days, or three. Or a week. But in this case, tight schedules meant we had to shoot eight different commercials in only two-and-a-half days.

To turn a very cool (but challenging) location into a good place to shoot, it took most of our toys — about a dozen lighting instruments, some gigantic silks, our camera crane, dolly, and camera slider.

Image of beachsfx.jpg

One of the things that made it easy was our great on-camera talent, Tim Ross. We brought Tim in from North Carolina and despite eight different scripts, last-minute blocking, cold conditions and wardrobe changes, he rarely if ever flubbed a line. Once. Maybe twice. And that was probably the director's fault.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the shoot, with Joey Skelton editing.

We really appreciate our client Ben Boles, who is Damson's advertising guru. Ben's the perfect mix, bringing his wisdom where it's needed, and letting us do our thing the rest of the time. He's very enthusiastic. Some might say too much so.