Fantastic Plastic captures with Digital Cinema EOS System

Stunning Images 4K Super35mm Sensor Leitz-Panavision Lenses
At Fantastic Plastic we strive to make our shoots go smoother, and your productions move along faster, better, and easier than ever before.

Our primary camera system helps us do just that — the flagship of Canon's Cinema EOS line, the C300PL.

We don't use the term "game changer" very lightly, but without a doubt this one is.

It's not just a new camera, but an entire digital cinema system. Neither film nor videotape, Cinema EOS is a revolutionary hybrid combining the best of both worlds: stunning images, the beauty of 35mm film, but with all the advantages of a high-definition digital shoot.

It looks like a beast in the picture above, but this camera is tiny compared to the camera system you've seen on our productions in years past, yet with an even better picture. This makes our shooting easier, faster and more nimble than ever.

Through the years we've considered a lot of camera choices, from the RED all the way up to the Arri Alexa and just about everything in between — and finally settled on the C300 as the perfect fit as Fantastic Plastic's principal camera.

We could drone on about the technical specs (the full-size Super35mm 4K sensor, our Leitz-Panavision superspeed prime lenses, high-speed and slow-motion frame rates, and extreme low-light capabilities), but suffice it to say that images from the C300PL and Canon Cinema EOS are nothing short of incredible.

You can check out some productions we've shot with the C300 for Redstone Federal, Alabama A&M University, and the North Alabama Honda Dealers.

Along with our two identical full realtime Maxtrox MX02 edit suites plus a host of studio and location gear, we continue to give our clients access to the very best production tools possible. And the best people who know how to use them, which is even more important.

Give us a shout to see how Fantastic Plastic and the Canon Cinema EOS camera system can bring true beauty to your next production.