Fantastic Plastic takes full credit for mayoral victories
We're completely kidding about taking credit, of course. We were honored and privileged to work for two outstanding candidates who had great teams running their campaigns.

David Driscoll of The Driscoll Group tasked us with concepting and creating a television campaign highlighting the city's successes under incumbent Tommy Battle's administration. The result showcased the city's way of life in a series of Americana-flavored TV commercials (you can re-visit the first one here).

Fantastic Plastic's Art Director Kim Brown (and our sister company BBD Graphics) was also responsible for the visual design of the campaign, including print and collateral. She created dozens of different pieces — everything from fundraiser invitations and campaign posters, to yard signs, newspaper ads and lapel stickers. Yes, Kim was pretty darn busy.

Mayor Battle was re-elected with 81 percent of the vote — the most lopsided mayoral victory in Huntsville's modern history.

In neighboring Madison the victory margin was just as huge for mayoral candidate Troy Trulock, where Joey Ceci of Main Street Strategies tapped us to create the campaign's television presence. Although he was a first-time politician in a smaller city (and with a smaller production budget), Troy more than made up for that with hard work and incredible enthusiasm.
Trulock walked away with a whopping 86 percent of the vote. Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the commercials in both campaigns, with Joey Skelton as editor and art direction by Kim Brown.