Strange visitors to the Wheeler family
After already seeing the "Wheeler Family" twice during Redstone Federal's "Going Green" contest (you can revisit those here and here), the credit union decided to do something a little more offbeat.

It all began when Redstone's marketing guru Ken Jost revealed his space-alien obsession. We think he might have been an alien-abduction victim (and possibly probed, we just don't know yet). At any rate, Ken tasked us with creating a spot to continue their contest with a bit of an other-worldly flair.

Principal photography was completed in only about a half day in three locations..

Todd Terry directed the commercial, shooting with our e35mm camera system. Joey Skelton edited the high-def spot in one of our uncompressed edit suites, while another of our suites was cranking out all of the 3D animation at the same time.

You might notice that a huge percentage of national commercials have Mid-Century Modern production design for home interiors — it's fun and timeless (plus it rides on the "Mad Men" popularity). To carry on the tradition, director Todd Terry staged the commercial interiors in his own home to take advantage of all the tacky mid-century furnishings there (his place is a time warp). The home exteriors were shot a few blocks away at the same location that was used as the Wheeler home in the past.