Hospital's ADDY® award spots were market's first in HD
At Fantastic Plastic, we've been working in High Definition for several years now, mostly for things like trade-show presentations and corporate films. But we also created this area's very first commercials that were both produced and aired in HD.

Even though they had been broadcasting programming in HD for quite a while, for a long time most television stations were still unable to include local commercials in high-definition formats. So, all of our hi-def commercials had to be "downconverted" to the standard television format for our local TV stations to use.  

Until these.

This multi-spot ADDY®-winning campaign was created for Huntsville Hospital. Since our concept for the spots included a number of very pretty images, we wanted to make full use of the very cinematic HD format, which has five times the resolution of standard-definition.

Fantastic Plastic worked closely with the management and engineers at WHNT 19 to ensure that everything went smoothly. Viewers of other stations and cable systems saw the standard-definition versions, but HD viewers of Channel 19 saw the full high-definition commercials.

You can watch the three-spot campaign, "Experience," here...

This campaign was written and directed by Fantastic Plastic's creative director Todd Terry, with art direction by Kim Brown.

The productions were photographed with our e35mm camera system, and edited in uncompressed 1080p 24fps high definition. Legendary voice-over artist Peter Thomas provided the narration.

It was great to work with Huntsville Hospital's marketing team of Sue Esslinger, Burr Ingram, and Pam Sparks... who are always a pleasure.