Credit Union's ADDY® winner was its first produced in HD
At Fantastic Plastic, we're proud to count Redstone Federal Credit Union as one of our longest and best clients. We've lost count, but we've produced boatloads of commercial spots for them through the years.

This one was a first, though. The ADDY®-winning commercial, "Five Five Five," was their very first one produced in high-definition.

It looks pretty simple, since the commercial is one continuous shot with no editing — but there was tons of planning involved with a large cast and quite a bit of activity going on.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry wrote and directed this commercial, with Phil Schmidt as producer, and senior editor Joey Skelton completing the commercials in our newest high-definition suite. The entire look was designed by art director Kim Brown, who took over a church-basement location to create the dorm room and hallway sets.

The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with uncompressed 1080p 24fps HD post production. We created a special rig on location to allow lighting instruments and the boom microphone to travel with the camera dolly down the hall.

We really appreciate the professionalism of our lead actor Bobby Becher. We put him through take after take, and even with bouncing between four different versions of the script Bobby rarely even flubbed a line. Watch for good things from him in the future.

It's always a pleasure to work with the entire Redstone team, especially our favorite go-to gal Jackie Brown.

This was, incidentally, our first commercial in recent memory to include any (implied) nudity. Sorry, guys... it's a dude.