Congressional spots were market's first politicals to air in HD
At Fantastic Plastic, we've produced countless commercials for political candidates though the years... but this one was a first.

Our campaign for U.S. Congressional candidate Taze Shepard started with this area's first political commercial that was both produced and aired here in High Definition. Many of our HD commercials have since followed, but this one started it all.

Since the concept for this multi-spot campaign included a number of very cinematic images and people with great faces, we wanted to make full use of the HD format, which has five times the resolution of standard-definition.

A total of five :30 commercials were created, which began with the first spot in the campaign, "New Challenges," here...

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed this campaign. Art direction was by Kim Brown, who designed logo, print, and collateral material for the campaign as well.

This spot was followed by several more in the campaign, including this one that took a challenger to task...

The productions were photographed with our e35mm camera system, with uncompressed 1080p 24fps high definition post production.