Guardian targets close to home
Guardian Credit Union is proud to be a home-grown institution in its area, and called on us to create this campaign urging people to "think local" when choosing the right place for all their banking needs.

This shoot was a bit all-over. We traveled to south Alabama for a one-day shoot, capturing the local flavor and shooting several scenes with our actors there. Back at home we shot for a couple of more days to finish the scenes that were not "location specific."

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the campaign, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

Montgomery's waterfront are was swarming with people on our shoot day, as it happened to land at the same time as a huge city event. Fortunately we were able to dodge most of the crowds and still get our "lifestyle shots" as well as drone footage of the city.

And of course we give big thanks to our agency client, Jackie Brown of JB Communications for bringing us in on this project.