Cutting grass, and raising men
Rodney Smith is a pretty amazing guy.

We loved being able to tell a little bit of his story in this commercial for Woody Anderson Ford and F-150 trucks.

Rodney, as an Alabama A&M student, wanted to help people. After noticing an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn, he quickly realized "Well, I can cut grass." With his second-hand mower Rodney began his journey, mowing lawns for the elderly, single parents, disabled veterans, and other people in need.

Also seeing a need to give young people a good sense of purpose and teach them more about the people in their community, he recruited neighborhood boys and girls and Raising Men Lawn Care was born. Rodney and his team of young people have now cut thousands of lawns for those who need a helping hand... and always for free.

Never one to settle, Rodney's next idea was an ambitious one: to mow a lawn for someone in need in all 50 states. And he did it.

Not only that, but Raising Men Lawn Care now has chapters in several states, helping people one yard at a time.
We loved Rodney's story... but have to admit it makes us feel a bit lazy.

You can learn more about him and Raising Men at