Aerial footage has Fantastic Plastic flying high
FAA Registered Commercial Aircraft
At Fantastic Plastic we like to think we are pretty grounded. One of our most exciting production tools, though, is not.

We don't think the word "drone" says it all, because our DJI Mavic Pro a lot more than that. The Mavic is a full-featured aerial camera platform — which is a pretty fancy way to say "a powerful small helicopter with an ultra-HD 4K camera."

The Mavic Pro's camera captures beautiful sweeping images close to the ground, or hundreds of feet in the air for a true bird's eye view.

We actually perform aerial cinematography with other drones too, including the DJI Phantom, as well as the Inspire when when need the "big boy." But the Mavic is so tiny (about the size of a shoe) and its picture is so stunning it has become our go-to bird of choice and is convenient to travel on almost every shoot.

The quadcopter itself has four quiet-but-powerful motors, radar positioning, and GPS guidance. It carries a 14 Megapixel camera for stunning still images and full 4K-resolution ultra-high-definition footage (four times the resolution of HD!). The camera rides in a gyro-controlled three-axis gimbal for perfect stabilized images, with footage as smooth as silk.

Back on the ground the operator has full control of the flight, and full real-time control of the camera... as the helicopter wirelessly broadcasts the video back to the pilot's monitor.

Great aerial footage can be tricky, but at Fantastic Plastic our creative director is a double-threat. His experience piloting "real" (fixed-wing) aircraft along with years as a cinematographer helps us create the one-of-a-kind shots you just can't get on the ground.

Clients can be a bit gun shy about aerial work and "keeping everything legal," since you'll find some people simply buying cheap RC hobby drones and using them for commercial work on the sly. But at Fantastic Plastic our copter is fully registered with the FAA as a commercial aircraft.

Aerial footage isn't right for everything... but when it is, there's just no substitute.