The Frightober Spooktacular Scare-A-Bration is the ultimate trick-or-treating experience! If you're candy hunting in the Five Points area, be sure to bring your little gobblins by our place for treats and some creepy fun! We're on Beirne Avenue at the SW corner of Beirne and England. Look for all the creepy lights and ghouls!

Or just follow the screams. Bwhaaa haa haaaa haaa!


Nah, the Scare-A-Bration is harmless and scary but not too scary. There's nothing too morbid or gruesome, and certainly nothing violent at all — just lots of spooky fun. In fact, really little kids seem to love it the most (lots of "Do it again! Do it again!").

Actually the only visitors who find it really scary seem to be teenage girls who are a bit too old for trick-or-treating (they're our favorite victims).


Your ghoulish hosts Todd and Kim used to love going out on Halloween and creating crazy costumes... then a few years ago realized it was even more fun to stay home and scare the bejeepers out of trick-or-treaters — and the Frightober Spooktacular Scare-A-Bration was born.

Each Halloween brings something new to add to the floating ghouls, singing pumpkins, flying witches and such. Since hidden cameras are used to help the Spookmeister remote control all the fun, we stream the video online for our neighbors to enjoy. Unfortunately last year an internet issue caused problems with the feed, but we plan to have it up and running perfectly this time!