We'll admit it.  This is the least-fun page on our website.
But it might answer some questions about what we can do.
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What kind of plastic products do you make?
None.  Nothing
We have nothing to do with plastic products whatsoever.
Then what do you do?
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment is innovative television, film, and radio production.
We specialize in television commercials, but are great for any kind of high-end broadcast quality production. We create ideas. We write, direct, shoot, produce, edit, animate — whatever it takes to bring your television or film project to life.
Who have you worked for?
We've created television productions for many advertising agencies, production companies, and individual clients throughout the southeast.
Our clients range from large advertising agencies who use us to produce award-winning spots for their clients, to local mom-and-pop businesses that need great but affordable production to help them cut through the clutter and stand out from the competition.

We have created advertising for a vast variety of clients, from cosmetic surgeons to car dealers, from hospitals to home builders. You can check out some of our clients on the Portfolio page, and see some spots there, too. For more, click through our News pages to see our very latest productions (plus some behind-the-scenes peeks).

How does it work?  Do I bring you a script?
You can, sure.  Many agencies we work for do that.  But you don't have to.
Often the advertising we produce is part of a larger campaign that has been carefully mapped out. In those cases, usually an advertising agency will give us a script, then it becomes our job to bring it to the screen.

But Fantastic Plastic can also do that tough "idea" part for you, too. Our creative team can create advertising for you from the "ground up" — developing a concept, writing scripts, then producing the finished product.

How much does a commercial cost?
How much do you have?
Seriously, that's a common question. But not one with an easy answer. A production can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. Dozens of factors go into determining budgets: talent needs, locations, editing, special effects — and the list goes on and on.

Some have been much cheaper, and some much more expensive, although most of our spots can be expected to fall in the "few thousand dollars" neighborhood. But at Fantastic Plastic every penny winds up on the screen, and we spent years learning how to "McGuyver" productions and create things out of "spit and toothpicks" that look great on camera. Television production is rarely cheap, but we can honestly say we believe you'll get the best value for your production dollar at Fantastic Plastic. By far.

I heard that the television station or cable company will produce a commercial for me practically for free.  Shouldn't I just let them?
Possibly.  But probably not.
We apologize for the cliche, but "You get what you pay for."

Chances are, you can turn on your television right now and see a local commercial where the client spent thousands and thousands of dollars in airtime, but only a hundred bucks on the production for the commercial he's airing. And it shows.
Television stations have two priorities: to broadcast programming, and to sell advertising airtime. Commercial production is never a television station's specialty. And while the overworked production people on their video "assembly lines" can be very talented, they usually don't have the benefit of the tools that a production company such as Fantastic Plastic has, or the luxury of enough time to give each client creative undivided attention as their projects back up.

If your needs are simple, such as store-front video and a few uncomplicated graphics, then by all means utilize the free resource. But if your project needs to take a step up — both in production values and creativity — then it's time to go to a production house. And if you choose Fantastic Plastic, you get high-end production without a budget-breaking price tag.

We honestly feel it is smarter to divert a small portion of your advertising budget into producing a good spot, rather than spending all of your money on airtime for a bad one.

There are a lot of production "formats."  Which do you use?
The really cool ones.
For acquisition, we shoot almost all video in the High Definition and Ultra-HD (4K) formats.

We shoot our film productions on 16mm and 35mm Eastman and Fuji stocks with Cintel Gold Telecine transfers (and DaVinci Renaissance color correction), so the 4K Ultra-HD digital files we edit are taken straight from the camera negative with no generations in between. 

One of our most exciting shooting tools though is is the Canon C300PL camera, the flagship of the Cinema EOS line. It's a hybrid of conventional 35mm film shooting and digital electronics — giving you the beauty of 35mm film without the cost. You can learn more about Cinema EOS here and on the Toys page.

All productions, whether they originate on digital video, film, or Cinema EOS are posted in our 4K digital non-linear uncompressed editing suites. For online and social media applications we'll give you files in all the right formats. For broadcast television commercials, our HD masters are electronically uploaded to television stations and cable systems all over the country. No more tape dubs!

You can learn more about the tools we use to edit on the Studios page, and more about how we acquire the pictures we need on both the Studios and Toys pages.

So, you can shoot and post in "high-definition"?
Yup. Including Ultra-HD 4K video, 35mm film and Cinema EOS.
Ultra-HD 4K is the wave of the future, and it's here today at Fantastic Plastic. We're proud we were the very first company in our market to produce and air local commercials in high definition. Other projects, like trade-show presentations, industrial films, even big-screen features can take advantage of high-def and 4K technology, too. We shoot high-definition and 4K projects for real film beauty without the high cost of filmstock.

We have three fully-equipped edit suites, and edit HD and Ultra-HD 4K footage with the most powerful Matrox AXIO and MX02 4K (and uncompressed) editing systems you'll find anywhere.

You can learn more about our HD and 4K shooting tools on the Toys page, and our post-production capabilities on the Studios page.

I need a whole campaign, not just TV.  Can you do that?
Our Art Director is not only an expert at broadcast production, but print as well — whether it be for newspapers, magazine, outdoor, or your collateral material.
We can create a seamless campaign for you, where all your various media has the same look and feel.

Can you place my advertising for me?
At Fantastic Plastic we consider ourselves more of a creative agency, rather than an advertising agency... but we can place your advertising as well.

If you do not already have an agency that you are using, we will be happy to place the productions that we create for you.

Using an agency for your placement just makes sense... the expertise and connections  can make a world of difference in the effectiveness of your campaign. Plus using an agency never costs you a dime more than placing the advertising directly yourself.

How do I get started?
Just give us a call.  Or an email.
You can find all our numbers, addresses and such on the Contact page. Or just fill out the on-line form there. We'll be happy to talk to you and help you with your needs, even if you don't know what you need yet. There are no dumb questions.
So, what does the name Fantastic Plastic really mean?
Well, there really is a logical explanation.
The name actually comes from a magazine article about Los Angeles from many years ago, titled "Hollywood: A Plastic, Fantastic Place." We just like the sound of the two words, and think "plastic" really epitomizes the work of the television and film industry, where so many things that look real are actually quite phony. The very first project we started under the name Fantastic Plastic was not advertising at all, but rather a made-for-television movie, hence the "entertainment" in Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc. We admit the name sometimes causes confusion, but we like it.

We do, however, occasionally get some very weird phone calls.