Awards are always nice, especially when they come from our peers in the industry, and we're happy that we have a wall full of ADDYs® to show for our work.

But we're MOST proud of these individual Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation "Best of Show" awards our creative staff members have earned....
    "It's almost like the early 80s movie Ghostbusters. When you have a marketing challenge that no one else can solve, 'Who you gonna call?' Fantastic Plastic.
    "We successfully produced eight television spots that caused shock — when my co-workers realized that they were locally produced. The expectation is that you must travel to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville or Orlando for this type of work. You really just have to go to Cleveland. Cleveland Avenue, that is."
Ben Boles
Jerry Damson Honda/Acura/Nissan Group
    "Fantastic Plastic has been a game changer for myself and our organization. Todd and his team provide superior service which is unrivaled.
    "We provided very simple guidance and the branding we wanted to convey to our customers and Fantastic Plastic delivered products which far surpassed our expectations.
    "They have definitely made a difference to our brand and 100% increased revenue."
Clayton Hinchman
Black Patch Distilling Company
    "When we decided to take things to the next level with a well-planned advertising campaign, we called Fantastic Plastic.
    "They helped us every step of the way... from concept development to production to delivering the finished product. The ads that Fantastic Plastic made for us exceeded our expectations.
    "We were able to compete with national chains by having a very professional look, while staying within our much smaller budget.
    "The ads we ran were so successful that we had to stop all of our advertising after only four weeks — we literally could not keep up with all the new business we had coming in."
Glenn Clayton
Appleton Learning
    "There are few businesses that you can depend on to deliver — every time.  Fantastic Plastic does — on-budget, on-time and on-target.
    "No matter how convoluted the project, they take screwy and make it effective.  These people understand screwy.
    "The best part, they return our clients to us happier and uniquely positioned."
Robert Lane
Carleton Public Relations
  "Fantastic Plastic is just about the coolest place around, and their Creative Director is just an angel straight down from heaven."  
Creative Director's Mom